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Aerial photography

Aerial photography is used when a client wants to have an image of something on the ground from an elevated position. I've flown photographers so that they can take photographs and I've also taken many of my own photos, one of which is on display at the Smithsonian Institute's Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. The exhibit of the "Enviropod" camera (straps onto the bottom of a Cessna 172) includes one of my test pictures.

Airplane Ferrying

In both fixed-wing and helicopters, depending on the mission.


I have experience in many types of aircraft and can ferry a plane for you anywhere in North America including Alaska. I have made several long trips from Boston to: California, Barrow, Alaska, and The Bahamas.

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Flight Instruction


I have been flying for over 30 years, and have been a flight instructor for 22 years. I provide basic and advanced instruction in a variety of types of aircraft.



I think a good flight instructor needs the following qualities:

Patience is a lot more important than many people realize. From personal experience (on the receiving end), I can tell you that having an impatient instructor can really negate the learning process. I believe that an instructor should never become angry at mistakes that students make.


Primary Flight Instruction

Of all the instruction, I love primary instruction the most because of the excitement of seeing a student progress from no flight experience, through solo, to private. I am reminded of my own excitement of those accomplishments over 25 years ago. I enjoy facilitating and watching somebody else's dream of flight become real.


Advanced and Specialized Instruction

Biennial Flight Reviews

Additional Information

Find out more information about learning to fly:



Jump-Plane Pilot

I flew a Cessna 206 at Marina, CA (near Monterey) for Skydive Monterey Bay (SMB) at 831-384-3483. I flew SMB's C-206 for a boogie at Paso Robles, CA, Oct 26-27, 2002.

During the fall of 1999, I flew as a Jump Plane Pilot at Lodi, CA. I flew a Cessna 182, and was learning to fly a Twin Otter.

My most memorable jump flight at Lodi was when a Catholic nun (not in habit) showed up to do a 'tandem' jump for her 80th birthday! The jump made the national news in both this country and at least Germany in Europe!



Pinch-hitter class in a variety of types of aircraft. helps you understand how to fly and a plane safely in the event of an emergency that incapacitates the pilot

In the event of an emergency that incapacitates the pilot, the passengers, if there are any, are responsible for landing the plane.


A pinch-hitter course teaches a non-pilot how to fly a plane and land safely.

This course is for a non-pilot to help him/her understand how to fly a plane in the event of an emergency that incapacitates the pilot. The objective of the course is for the non-pilot to be able to guide the plane to a safe landing.


A pinch-hitter course for the non-flying partner of a pilot can also help him/her reduce their anxiety and enjoy flying more because they'll understand more about the flying environment. The partner is able to be a better copilot by knowing how to help with cockpit tasks and be part of the crew rather than just a passenger.


OPA has reorganized its classes and longer offers Pinch-HitterĀ® seminars through the Air Safety Foundation (ASF) in connection with the Flight Instructor Refresher Courses, but instead offers them exclusively at AOPA Expo. Pinch-Hitter DVDs and manuals are available at Sporty's Pilot Shop.



Seeing Albuquerque from the air can be a real thrill! Daytime, evening, or night - each time of day has its own beauty. Find your house and take pictures of it