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"Paul is the best instructor I ever had. His attention to details from  preflight to postflight to cockpit ergonomics is awesome  and gives  you confidence that you can handle whatever comes up. Nothing about  your flying escapes his attention. 

Every time  I have flown with Paul  I have walked away knowing I'm a better pilot."

Rodger Olds

Paul's extensive experience as a pilot and flight instructor  has given him  a balanced perspective of the technical and  practical  aspects  of flying. 

I feel assured that I've gotten a thorough understanding of all  the aspects of flying  including how to create and maintain a safe environment.

Eric Shapow

I feel that one of Paul's strengths is that he teaches me how  to fly in the real world, and not just how to pass the  check ride.  It's very important to him to make sure you're aware of all the  options available at any given time, even those that aren't  typically necessary. 

His patience and attention to detail are astounding. He's worked with me  even on days when I was not at my best, and still managed  to never lose his cool. He's also great about letting me learn from my own mistakes,   both in making them, and recovering from them.

I would definitely recommend him to others who are considering  flying lessons.

Douglas Wiegley 

"While flying, Paul is cool, calm, and continually informative."

Peter Shorrock 

I have had the pleasure of receiving instruction from Paul Kinzleman. He was a patient, clear and concise teacher with an exceptional attention to detail and safety.

John Fenoglio


C500, NA265

Paul Kinzelman, as one of the Seagull Flying Club's instructors,  has given me several biannual check rides. I also occasionally  use non-club instructors to get other inputs but I prefer to use  Paul as my primary check instructor. 

Paul's teaching is both relaxed and detailed, allowing some flexibility  but always stressing safe  and well managed flying techniques.  In addition to reviewing my  knowledge of the FAR's and flying capabilities  I also always  learn something new during each biannaul.

Paul also instructed a right seater friend of mine on emergency  procedures to be followed in the case of my incapacitation. Although  this was several years ago, she is still confident that she could  safely land the Cessna 172 if that was required of her. Hopefully  we'll never find out if she is right! 

Bob Rodert

I personally have enjoyed flying with Paul Kinzelman for over 8 years. I have invited Paul on many occasions to fly with me in my Twin Commander  500B. His participation both as a flying companion and as an Instrument  Competency Check Pilot (ICC) has been very rewarding. 

His notable regard  for safety and professionalism is highly commendable! These traits have  promoted his efforts to flight instructing which ultimately  improves the  aviation community. 

I would recommend to any student wishing to learn to  fly or even experienced pilots desiring to improve their flying skills to contact Paul Kinzelman.

Randy L. Sharp MEI,RH,AI

Paul has a clear, calm, patience that makes him an awesome flight  instructor. I was always aware that Paul knew the technical details.  He  shines with a talent for making technical information understandable for a  nontechnical person.  

Barbara Wales        

I highly recommend Paul Kinzelman. He is a CFII/SEL, a CFI/helicopter, and a glider CFI. He is very thorough, patient, doesn't yell (i.e., has a long fuse), observant, safety-conscious, detail-oriented and very good pilot. I've had instruction from him in C182, C172 and Bonanza A36 a/c.

Natalie Shuttleworth