Paul Kinzelman
7 ParkLane Circle
Peralta, NM 87042-8430

home: (505) 865-4648
cell: (505) 238-9988



Thirty-eight years flying experience
First class medical Nov 2014
Current 8410 checkride current as of April 2015
Certificates never suspended/revoked
Total Hours 7000


Part-135 Lear Jet first officer Med Flight Air Ambulance Medical Transport 2301 Yale Blvd SE, Suite D-3
Albuquerque, NM 87106 (Jan 08 - Present)

  • Currently fly air ambulance critical care emergency medical flights and non-emergency medical air transports
  • Wrote the medical crew aircraft safety training presentation.
  • Created the pilot scheduling spreadsheet and managed the first officer schedule.
  • Created the pilot scheduling policy.
  • Chief Pilot: Chuck Gawell - (800) 842-4431

Part-135 Cargo Pilot South Aero, 2502 Clark Carr Loop S.E. Hangar A-2 Albuquerque, NM 87106, NM. (Apr 05 - Jan 08) (UPS Feeder)

  • Flew UPS cargo within New Mexico
  • Responsible for managing the unloading/loading of freight
  • Chief Pilot: James Brady - (800) 530-8677

Part-135 Cargo Pilot Aero Charter and Transport, 3550 Access Road C SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 (Jan 05)

  • Flew private cargo throughout New Mexico and Colorado
  • Director of Operations: Thomas Heinemeyer - (866) 402-2376

Civil Air Patrol

I have accumulated many hours flying low-level visual searches and night-time electronic searches on Civil Air Patrol missions as well as practice missions in the northeast US. I have also conducted various still, video, and infrared photography missions in support of the state Civil Defense Agency. 1982 - 1992 and 2003-Present.


A national nonprofit group that serves people who need free air travel for medical treatment Volunteer pilot for medical evacuation 1988-1992


Volunteer environmental flying (1994-2003)

Private Pilot

Recreational flying , cross-country trips X/C - Summer 1989: Boston to Barrow, Alaska, and back. My web page has journals about my trips.



College: BSEE Carnegie-Mellon Univ 1974 (View my combined resume)
Private Pilot's License: Nov 1976
Certificate number: 2738234
Current ratings: ATP: MEL

Commercial: ASEL, ASES, Helicopter, Glider

CFI: ASE, AME, Instrument-Airplane, Helicopter, Glider

Type: LR-JET


(View my detailed time-in-types.)
Total Hours 6985
Type Hours
AMEL 3500
retract 4700
Actual IFR 170
Night 1000
Total Approaches 360
LR35 1630 (PIC=70, PF=600)
LR25 11 (SIC, PF)
DHC-6-300 11
C-310 200
C-402 1500
AC50 25
Schweizer 300C 77